“Weid Al” Yankovic just made our least favorite Verzuz a little more bearable.
Tuesday’s outlandish presidential debate has left many concerned about the seemingly bleak state of the nation. Known for using music to make light of pop culture events, Weird Al Yankovic came through on Wednesday with his new music video, “We’re All Doomed,” which pokes fun at the debate and features Yankovic as the impassioned moderator.The video opens up with Yankovic sitting at his moderator desk, having a hysterical breakdown over life’s current predicaments. Getting it together, Yankovic belts out questions like, “2020 is a raging hellscape / any ideas on how to stop a worldwide plague?” to both candidates, to which they “respond” with their actual debate responses, which have been sonically altered to match the cadence of the song.Many are relishing the much-needed comic relief, with some even saying Yankovic’s parody is hardly any weirder than what actually went down on the stage that night. Many moments of Tuesday night’s debate shocked the public, namely Donald Trump refusing to condemn White supremacy, and the absurd amount of heckling that unfolded between the candidates throughout the night. [via]


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