If you’re looking for an R&B track that spins tales of love that jumps from hot to cold and them back to steaming again, then Phora and Kehlani have delivered the single for you. The artists paired on Phora’s latest release “Cupid’s Curse” where they each lamented on the joy of being in love with someone, but how agonizing the pain is when love goes wrong. Artists are inspired by their real-life experiences, naturally, and Phora shared on Instagram that he holds “Cupid’s Curse” close to his chest. “So proud of this song!!!” the rapper said. “Wrote this from such a deep and personal place in my heart.” Turn the lights down low, stream “Cupid’s Curse” by Phora featuring Kehlani, and let us know what you think.Quotable LyricsI was lonely on the ground, you were right thereWent from bein’ in my dreams to my nightmaresI’ve been trapped in my thoughts so long, I can’t find loveYou know what it’s like, yeah (You know what it’s like, yeah)Late nights, you stay on my mind, yeah (Stay on my mind, yeah)Yeah we fight, break up, then we f*ck, make up


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